About Me

When Life is Challenging a Coach can make it easier!

Awadhesh Kumar Shukla is one of the leading Performance coaches in India. He is an internationally recognized authority on peak performance, strategic change management and boardroom effectiveness. He has worked with thousands of people on a one-to-one basis and is a highly successful speaker.

He has a passion for people with clear intention to help them uncover their true potential and live life worth celebrating. He coaches individuals and emerging leaders to help them handle current serious dilemmas of personal or professional life.

He is a Founding Fellow of the International Coaching Professionals Association ICPA, an affiliate of Harvard Medical College and is often involved in coaching research and development. He is a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist. He is also active member of International Coach Federation, International Association of Coaching, International Association of Cognitive Psychotherapy, International Association of Applied Psychology, American Hypnosis Association, International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring and International Association for Special Education.

Coaching Style


His approach is client centered, using support and challenge to increase individual self-awareness, personal resourcefulness and individual responsibility in areas of performance and development. Mr. Awadhesh as a coach help you find what you were born to do, unlock the full potential that’s in you and help you passionately pursue your dreams.


Business Coaching: Mr. Awadhesh shukla  specializes in Executive Coaching and Mentoring helping leaders to have a positive impact on their organizations. His purpose is to help people to move forward, achieve their goals but be congruent with their values. Mr. Shukla focuses on Business Coaching and Mentoring typically at Director, Partner, or Board level. His approach is based on positive psychology and is solution focused. His coaching challenges the validity and realism of existing goals, and encourages the adoption of new and novel viewpoints, before considering the practical aspects of commitment, planning, and action.

Personal Coaching: Mr. Awadhesh Shukla has niche in Personal Coaching Experience. His Empowerment Life Coaching program helps to create a powerful vision for life rooted in personal values and aspirations, with the support of tools and personal coaching. Whatever is stopping you being who you have the potential to be, living the life you dream of, Mr. Shukla works with you to achieve the breakthrough from grey to color, from how you are to how you want to be.


He has spent more than 20000 hours in sessions at top level with Directors, CEO's, CFO's, Lawyers, Doctors, Politicians and business owners. He has helped thousands of individuals to achieve incredibly successful life. He has helped hundreds of patients (with critical illness) and their family to cope with major illnesses & manage its emotional effects.


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