Business Coaching

“ We have been inspired by great leaders in the past, who ignite our passion, and inspire us to be our best, such as Churchill, Mother Theresa. Why are they so effective? Great leaders affect our emotions! ”

A brief summary

Business Coaching aims to help with leader transitions (such as promotions, lateral moves, or international assignments), to retain high potentials, to improve performance that is off track, and to help individuals assess where their career is now and where it may go next.

Awadhesh Shukla - Business Coach


The benefits of business coaching therefore can exist across a large spectrum of situations: ground level,middle floor level, contextual level. Example:

  • Re-aligning badly managed expectations, role clarity, project clarity.
  • Working with multiple stakeholders internally.
  • Maintaining high business ethics.
  • Getting people into the right roles and right fit. & many more..

Business Coaching at a large spectrum of situations.

In business or politics, on a corporate stage or in the eyes of the world, true leaders inspire strong emotions in the hearts of those they wish to lead. In business, executives who choose to become leaders in their chosen field must be able to set goals for their organizations and turn them into results.

Unfortunately, too many companies fail to understand that the gap between goals and results can only be bridged with positive emotions. Even the best laid businesses plans are not enough, to go from goals to results require emotional inspiration and leadership by example.

It can be difficult for any business owner to keep track of all their responsibilities while making sure their business grows and thrives. While many people who start their own business know how to create their product or deliver their service, few know how to actually create a business that works. When there is so much to do everyday, coming up with innovative solutions to marketing, sales and team development can be hard to come by. There is so much on a business owner’s mind that sometimes, keeping track of everything is virtually impossible. That's why hiring certified business coaches can help.

We focus on techniques and methods that we understand make a difference to the results someone else is getting. This includes:


Creating or Revitalizing your business plan, revenue model and identifying new business ideas.

If you're looking at getting into a new business, first make sure it suits you and for that you need to know little more about yourself. Many of us give many years of our life to a business only to realize after a long span of time that we were not at our right place. A coach can extract your hidden inside and give you variety of business options in which you can rise high.


Creating or recreating your mission and vision statements and developing business strategies.

Often we start small and remain small. Turning a small business into a big one requires lots of professional expertise. If you have exhausted all your efforts to turn your business big, you can now try a business coach. He can certainly help you expand your business along with developing your organization's relevance and viability.


Branding, reputation creation and maintenance, image and appearance analysis.

Does my personality match with my job or which job fits me best. These are questions which we often ask to ourselves. Every professional success depends on your area of interest and how much you enjoy doing that job. Rahul Dravid once said, I can’t believe I am being paid for something I love doing, playing cricket. You pick what you love to do, and we'll let you be success in that with due mental and physical work.


Financial consulting, planning and strategizing.

Many researchers have revealed that both individuals and organizations fail due to irrational financial decision making. Even it is found that highly competent people as an individual or organization often make such decisions which lead to less than ideal outcomes. Success of any individual or organization is intricately linked to competence in strategic financial decision making. A Competent coach can be of great help in this.


Business resource and support analysis and manpower development.

Manpower development also known human resource development is a continuous process that involves analyzing training need, forecasting training need, developing training programs and implementing them. It has substantial influence in changing the capacities of individuals to perform their present assignment better and in doing so is likely to increase their potential for future assignments. However, this is perhaps the most neglected area of our professional field where most of organizations and individuals avoid investing time and money. Though big organizations often pay attention on this issues, they fail to develop their employees as training is often conducted by those who themselves need training.


Women Empowerment in workplace.

How to empower women in an organization has always been a difficult question. Empowerment is done only when the strengths that women already bring to the company are recognized and utilized. According to recent UN report, businesses which promote women empowerment and gender equality are more profitable. A Coach can definitely create an organizational culture which nurses women strengths to bring greater results for everyone.


Conflict and Time management.

Conflict is an internal part of group functioning and can be functional or dysfunctional. A coach can be of great help to resolve any conflict arisen in an organization. Also Effective time management is a most important element of any success and also a primary means to a less stressful life. A Coach can help you master some techniques which can help you manage your time.


Family business issues.

Often it is seen that family businesses which were highly successful and coherent at one point of time face authority issues and eventually get divided into many divisions. Such divisions when done without professional expertise may lead to grave challenges for the business. The vast majority of such family businesses don’t make it past the first or second generation. A Business Coach can be of great help in all such situations.


Career testing and Matching Personality with Profession.

Most of us choose a career because it came to us by chance. We continue on it due financial security it provides and never dare to venture outside. Career testing is a process which can let you know about your own areas of interest where you actually can excel. It is something exploring your inside and discovering what would you love to do as professional or what would you want to be when you grow up(if done on a kid). Series of sessions can let us explore your true being and finally suggesting you best professional fields best suited for that inner you.


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